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seemless is a free link in bio.
trusted by 12,000+ former linkinbio users as the best linkin bio alternative.

seemless is a free link in bio (linkinbio) that automatically switches to the style of your profile for a consistent look that guides your followers from social to site with zero disruption.

the best free linkinbio alternative that shows off your style while boosting clicks

How It Works

your seemless free link in bio detects where a click comes from, adapting to the style of your profile for a frictionless experience that impresses your followers & doubles clicks vs.


seemless is simple, effective, and free

What Is It? 🤔

Seemless is a bio link that hosts all of your links in one place. Think of your bio link as a mini website to showcase all of the individual links that matter to you. Typically, these links include your website and social media accounts, but any URL works, too. Bio links are helpful so you don't have to remember 12 different links at a time, instead, you can share one simple link thats highlights them all.

Why Should I Use It? 🧐

Your Seemless bio link magically detects where a click comes from, instantly adapting to the style of any social media profile. This provides a consistent look and feel that enhances user experience, impresses your followers, and boosts engagement.

Why Did You Make It? 🤓
We were tired of seeing “Where can I find this?” comments all over social media. It's 2023, bio links shouldn't look like to-do lists. We came up with Seemless so everyone's bio link can look as curated and appealing as the rest of their profile.

How Much Is It? 🤑

Your Seemless bio link is free. No strings attached. You can claim your username, create your own link, and go live within minutes with zero risk and no credit card required.

I Need Help Getting Started 😊

We're here to help you set up your Seemless bio link for free. Please use the email below. Need help now? Watch our demo video at the top of this page.

How Do I Join Seemless? 😎

Simply click the link below.  Add your social links, and in minutes you'll be ready to share your Seemless link and impress your followers!

create and customize your own link in bio for free - no signup required

seemless is easy to use & customizable so you can show off the perfect aesthetic in minutes, not hours. Because your bio link should be simple and shouldn't look like a to-do list. 🎨

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